Coolkid & Jazzy Jazz2019/01/270 Comments

God's family!

Did you know were all related? Well we are. We are related because we all are apart of gods family. It all started when god created adam and eve, our population grew and grew.Now there is a lot of us. Adam and Eve may have sinned but, God still loved them. I'm not saying its ok to sin,but i'm saying God will allways love us. And I hope you love him to.  

Benny 2017/02/150 Comments

The eye opener 

I look up and I see them as they fill the sky and I wonder is it just me or does anybody else see this?

This can't be a dream what is going on here.

First thing in the morning the blue sky give it some time and look up instead of down at your phone you will see. It starts with a white line that gets bigger bigger before you know it all sky is covered in clouds.

Put you cellular device down put Facebook away look up and watch what's happening today. virtual reality is where they want you to be, no time for friends its sad to see.

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